For Kids!

At Chevy Chase Supermarket, there are plenty of fun things for kids to do while you shop!

Chevy Chase Choo-Choos!

One of our favorites is the Chevy Chase Choo-Choos running on top of our freezers!


Kids Korner

La-Z-Boy Chairs, Hop Scotch & Floor Games, Mechanical Horse Ride, Jeep Ride, Birthday Claw Machine and all the COOL TRAINS running on top of our freezers!



Don't forget to stop by and get a FREE lollipop from inside his belly!

WAIT! What's that behind Mr. M&M? Are those SNOW SHOVELS?!?!?


Keep them busy at home too @!

There's a ton to do at You'll find fun games for them to play inside or outside, by themselves or with friends!

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